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Picture of myself, Angela DiNardi, holding my cat Nala, a medium haired tiger catWelcome to my Heavens Aroma Coffee website!  I created this site for those who share the same passion and love for coffee as I do.  My hope is that you will be enlightened and inspired by what I have to share with you and what we can discover about the world of coffee together.  From how to make the perfect cup to the best brews in the world!

So let us travel the world together and discover new ways of enjoying our favorite time of day.  Coffee time!!

How I Discovered Coffee

I was 16 when I got my first job working with coffee.  Dunkin Donuts.  Now of course I had been drinking coffee before that, but I was still a beginner and didn’t quite know all of what could be done with a great cup of joe.  Not too long after I got another job, but this time it was at a little kiosk in a hospital called Java Espress.  This is where I discovered cappuccinos and lattes and the one and only espresso.  From that point on I knew I wanted my own coffee business.  I even went as far as to make my email the name of my future business, Heavens Aroma.  I was 19 yrs old.

espresso shots on an espresso machine
Photo By: Kevin Butz

Working at the kiosk I learned how many flavors are out there to enjoy, and how to create amazing coffee with the espresso/cappuccino machine.  I immediately fell in love with coffee and all it encompasses.  With so many flavors available to us, the options are endless.  When I was 19 and already knew I wanted a coffee business, I moved to Akron Ohio and got another job working at another coffee shop called Cafe Aroma.  Here I mastered my coffee making skills and customer service.

With so much experience under my belt I knew I could do it.

As time went on, life got in the way and my dream was put on the back burner.  With all my skills of serving and creating I wanted to do something fun and with the public.  I became a bartender.  Now you might say that being a bartender has nothing to do with coffee but let me just say, there are a lot of things you can do with coffee, hot tea, and hot chocolate.  I will be sharing some of these recipes with you.

Flash forward 20 years, I now have two beautiful boys, 15 and 2yrs. old, and I am a stay at home mother.  I love being able to raise my children all the while working towards my dream.

Make Your Mornings the Best

good morning coffee
Photo By: Gerd Altmann

After 20 yrs of mixology experience, that passion and love for coffee still burns in my heart.  There is nothing better than the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning and taking that first sip.  It is my favorite time of day, especially since the rest of my day consists of three kids all under the age of five.  So I want to help all of you enjoy those five minutes, or ten minutes, or however long you need to get your day started with your favorite cup of joe.

On this site I will be sharing what I have learned, my experiences, recipes and how to go about enjoying that morning cup to the best of our capabilities.

We will discuss how to take care of the appliances we use, because let’s face it, a dirty coffee maker or espresso machine can ruin the taste of good coffee.  Discover different brews from around the world, how to pick the best beans, how to properly grind them if needed, and mixing different flavors to get that perfect cup.

I will also be incorporating recipes that contain hot tea and hot chocolate.  When I was bartending, there was a coffee shop right next door.  I couldn’t tell you how many times a customer would buy a cup and bring it back to me to add something to it.  These drinks were amazing!

This added to the wonder of possibilities out there for me.

A Timeless Luxury

cup of espresso with roses and coffee beans
Photo By: JanBaby

Coffee has been, is, and always will be around for us to enjoy.  So why not make it the best we can.  We can share stories, recipes, and experiences.  My hope is that this site will give you the necessary means to make those few minutes of “me time” in the morning the best you can so the rest of your day blends right through.

So take this journey with me my fellow coffee lovers and we can discover how coffee has become such a timeless luxury for all to enjoy!

Here’s to wrapping up in a blanket, reading a good book, or just watching the world go by with your perfect cup of coffee!

For the Love of Coffee


Founder of Heavens Aroma Coffee

email:  angela@heavensaromacoffee.com