Cameroon Boyo Coffee, Volcanica Coffee Company

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Cameroon Boyo Coffee Review LogoProduct: Cameroon Boyo

Price: $19.99

Size: 16 oz

Region: Africa and Arabia

Coffee Type: Single Origin / Micro lot

Grind Type: Whole Bean

Roast Level: Medium

Flavor Notes: Chocolate, Caramel, Stone fruit

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Cameroon  Boyo Coffee

Well, if you read my Volcanica Coffee Reviews, you know that I have yet to find one I do not like. Cameroon Boyo is no different! This is a very smooth coffee with very distinct flavors. I must admit though, I did not like this at first sip. In my opinion, Cameroon Boyo may definitely be an acquired taste for some, as it was for me.

What Makes Cameroon Boyo Coffee Taste So Good?

First and foremost, Cameroon Boyo Coffee is farmed in a single field on a single farm, hence why it is called “single origin micro lot” coffee. It is also farmed on a family owned estate with which they take great care in hand picking and harvesting the coffee bean on a specific day, to ensure it is at its ripest, and also to ensure the best quality coffee. Single origin coffees grown on estate micro lots are known for some of the best quality of specialty coffees you can find today. This care and consideration in harvesting is very eminent in a cup of Cameroon Boyo coffee.

The flavors are ever so present in the aroma even before you grind your beans, and when I took my first sip, all I could taste was the stone fruit. Personally, I do not like fruit flavors since they are usually very bold and “in your face”, can easily dominate the other flavors, and then all you really end up tasting is the fruit. This was my initial impression of this coffee, and then it grew on me.

As I continued to drink my Cameroon Boyo Coffee that morning, and the following day, and the day after that, I realized that I was really starting to like this coffee. Now I appreciate the stone fruit taste, and though it is still very present, I do not think it is as overpowering of the other flavors as before. You can still taste the chocolate and caramel flavors, but they are more so in the after-taste of the coffee, rather than when the coffee is on your pallet. The combination of chocolate and caramel always add a touch of that rich and creamy mouthfeel that we love about a great cup of coffee.

The stone fruit flavor tastes like it could be a peach, nectarine, or maybe a mango. I’ll let you be the judge yourself, as it does not specifically say what kind of stone fruit was used in the processing of the coffee bean. For me, I taste peach.

bag of Volcanica Coffee
Photo By: Volcanica Coffee Company

Try Cameroon Boyo Coffee For Yourself!

There is only one way to know if you are going to like how something tastes, and it is the best way! Trying it out for yourself!

There are fruity coffees out there, and there are sweet coffees out there. Cameroon Boyo is for sure the best of both! Starting out bold and strong, and ending with rich and creamy, Cameroon Boyo has nailed it for me. So if you’re a fan of stone fruit, chocolate or caramel, go ahead and give Cameroon Boyo Coffee from Volcanica Coffee Company a try!

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4 thoughts on “Cameroon Boyo Coffee, Volcanica Coffee Company”

  1. Hey,

    I’m so pleased I came across this article. I am a huge coffee drinker and I have been drinking the same instant coffee gold blend for a long time. It is time I changed what coffee I drink and this volcanica sounds lovely.

    I will purchase this and I will let you know what I think. I will give my own review of the coffee too.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work with your reviews.

    All the best,


    • I am glad that I could inspire you to try something new! I love Volcanica Coffee Company! I have yet to find one I do not like, and that’s the truth! Instant coffee can be great also, if you get the right type and you can make sure that it is genuine to the coffee itself.
      What coffee did you end up ordering? I can’t wait to hear what you think about it and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!
      Looking forward to your response!


  2. Hi Angela,

    Nice product review! The Cameroon Boyo Coffee seems to be a great coffee. I like products being produced in single farm as they get all the attention needed and the final products are unique and of great quality.
    Sometimes I drink coffee with flavor but only if it has subtle taste and the coffee taste have to be dominant.

    I bet I will have to try the Cameroon Boyo to taste its uniqueness

    Cheers 🙂

    • I am the same way! Flavored coffee is great as long as it is not overpowering the true taste of the coffee. I prefer single origin coffee also, it has a distinct taste and they do take great care in harvesting and processing the coffee beans.
      Thank you for your comment and please let me know if you do end up trying Cameroon Boyo or any of Volcanicas other great flavors!



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