Cold Brew Coffee, Volcanica Coffee

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cup of cold brew iced coffee

Product: Cold Brew

Price: $18.99

Size: 16 oz

Region: Indonesian & Pacific

Coffee Type: Special Blend

Grind Type: Whole Bean

Roast Level: Medium

Flavor Notes:  Chocolatey, Nutty and Sweet

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Volcanica Coffee, Cold Brew

What a change from the normal hot cup of coffee in the morning! Volcanicas Cold Brew Coffee Blend is blended just right for that refreshing iced coffee fix we all love so much.

My favorite thing about this coffee, is how you can taste the strength of it even when flavor is added to it! I have had this both by itself, and mixed with vanilla almond milk and a splash of hazelnut creamer. It’s delicious either way!

So if you like your coffee in all its glory, then by all means don’t add anything and you have yourself a super strong, yet smooth cup of iced coffee! If you like to add a little flavor, you can do so without feeling like you’re covering up the taste of the coffee.

What Makes This Cold Brew So Refreshing?

Volcanica Cold Brew Coffee is a special blend of two very smooth coffees. It’s blended with a bold Sumatra coffee and a low acid Arabica coffee. These two combined, make for a crisp, clean cup of coffee that’s good for your health and delicious at the same time.

The low acid in the Arabica coffee really contributes to the bright flavor and smoothness of the drink, and leaves out the bitterness that can come from darker roasted coffees. The Sumatra contributes to the deep coffee flavor which is rich and thick. Leaving you with a perfect blend of sweet and bold coffee.

This is a strong coffee when brewed properly so you’ll want to resist the urge to have another, and another. More then two or three at a time may make you feel jittery or light-headed if you are not used to the caffeine.

mountains sunset, clouds in background
Photo By: Bernard Spragg

Why Volcanica?

Volcanica Coffee takes pride in bringing us the finest coffees from all over the world. Their coffee is grown on coffee farms at elevation levels higher then 3,000 feet, and are grown in volcanic soil.

Why is volcanic soil good for growing coffee you ask?

Without getting all scientific on you guys, I’ll just break it down to the short version. Volcanic ash is extremely rich in minerals. When a volcano erupts, it creates volcanic ash, and the volcanic ash turns to andisols. These andisols are your volcanic soil, and quite nutritious.

The mineral rich volcanic soil, mixed with the cooler climate (from higher elevation), and constant moisture in the air, make for the perfect growing environment for some of the best coffees in the world.

bag of Volcanica Coffee
Photo By: Volcanica Coffee Company

Is Volcanica Cold Brew Coffee Worth It?

This Cold Brew coffee is well worth the small price tag it has and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. With a 16 ounce bag of whole beans, and depending on how often you drink iced coffee, you can have Cold Brew coffee for weeks on end.

My tip, leave it in your pitcher sealed tight, and only dilute it by the glass. Diluted Cold Brew is only good up to 3 days, while undiluted it can last up to 2 weeks (if it makes it that long).

Try Volcanica Cold Brew Coffee For Yourself!

Volcanica Cold Brew Coffee is one of the best cold brews around, in my opinion. I’ve tried many over the years. It’s sweet and smooth, yet rich and thick, with a deep coffee flavor that stays with you sip after sip.

So if you’ve taken the time to read this whole review, then there must be a part of you that wants to give it a try. So go for it! Treat yourself to a sweet refreshing Cold Brew coffee.

Try Volcanicas Cold Brew Coffee for yourself, Click Here!


Volcanica Coffee Company has a multitude of different blends and flavors from all over the world so it is not hard to find something for everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Cold Brew Coffee, Volcanica Coffee”

  1. Hi,
    Great review about Volcanica cold brew coffee. As a coffee lover, I’m used to drinking hot straight black coffee but hate the taste, but after reading this post, I like to give it a try and let the volcano erupt in me.
    Thanks for the unbiased review.

    • Glad I could inspire you to try something new! Straight black coffee is an acquired taste, not everyone will like it. It took me a long time to figure out how to make mine just right. Once you do figure out all the possibilities with coffee, the options are endless. Thanks for your kind words Benson!



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