Costa Rican Tarrazu Dark Roast, Volcanica Coffee Company

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Costa Rican Ocean Coastline at SunsetProduct: Costa Rican Tarrazu, Dark Roast

Price: $18.99

Size: 16 oz.

Region: Caribbean

Coffee Type: 100% Pure Costa Rican, Complex Flavors

Grind Type: Whole Bean

Roast Level: Dark Roast

Flavor Notes:  Honey, Caramel and Nuts

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Costa Rican Tarrazu Dark Roast

Costa Rican Tarrazu, Mmmm, Mmmm! I have been drinking this coffee for almost two weeks now and I must say, this is definitely in my top five of favorite coffees! The flavors are very distinct and you can definitely taste every one with every sip. For a dark roast coffee, Costa Rican Tarrazu is one that comes off extremely smooth and clean. Not like some dark roasts that can be overwhelmingly bitter.

The flavors of caramel, honey, and nuttiness are so well-balanced in my opinion, they create a delicious aroma while brewing, and an even more amazing taste while drinking! Even if you drink this without any cream, milk or other added flavors, Costa Rican Tarrazu Dark Roast will not disappoint.

What Makes Costa Rican Tarrazu Taste So Good?

Costa Rican Tarrazu Coffee is grown in high altitudes and in very rich volcanic soil. The cooler climate at night slows the growth of the coffee tree, which in turn helps the coffee bean to obtain a fuller flavor. The higher altitude also helps to increase the acidity of the coffee bean. The combination of these growing conditions, along with regular rainfall, is what gives Costa Rican Tarrazu such smooth and rich flavors, along with all other 100% Costa Rican coffees that the Volcanica Coffee Company offers.

The agriculturists that farm Tarrazu coffee have been doing so for over a century, so you can be reassured that they know the coffee business and how to grow the perfect bean, in the perfect conditions. If you drink Volcanica Coffee, then you know that most all of their coffees are grown at higher altitudes and in very rich volcanic soil, because these are the most ideal growing conditions for a good quality coffee bean. This is the most important aspect for the farmers. They want quality over quantity, and this is well observed while drinking this delicious morning treat!

bag of Volcanica Coffee
Photo By: Volcanica Coffee Company

Try Volcanicas Costa Rican Tarrazu Dark Roast For Yourself!

If I’m going to be honest, let’s be honest. I have tried a lot of different coffees in my life. I have only come to say “I absolutely love this coffee”, for less than five of them. And I absolutely LOVE Costa Rican Tarrazu Dark Roast coffee!

Most coffees taste the same, especially if you are buying the regular coffee from the grocery store like Foldgers or Maxwell House. Yes they offer some flavors and they can be good, but are they great? Probably not. And if you are always going to a cafe for your morning cup, then you are probably used to the stronger flavors of the espresso coffees, and even some of their regular coffees may taste really strong or maybe even bitter.

Why not try a coffee that encompasses all that you want and expect from a great cup of coffee? Great taste/after-taste, great balance of acidity, great aromas, deliciously rich flavors, and a smooth, clean mouthfeel.

Volcanica Coffee Companies Costa Rican Tarrazu Dark Roast Coffee is all the above. The nutty flavors mix well with the caramel and honey flavors, and make for a very rich and creamy cup of coffee. One of the smoothest dark roasts I have ever tried!

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Volcanica Coffee Company has a multitude of different blends and flavors from all over the world so it is not hard to find something for everyone!

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