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Komodo Dragon LogoProduct: Komodo Dragon

Price: $21.99

Size: 16 0z.

Region: Indonesian and Pacific

Coffee Type: 100% Pure

Grind Type: Whole Bean

Roast Level: Medium

Flavor Notes:  Cocoa, Floral and Tobacco

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Komodo Dragon Coffee

Mmm Mmm Mmm! This coffee is definitely one of my favorites! Volcanicas Komodo Dragon! This coffee is smooth and thick, rich and creamy, and down right absolutely delicious! It has a nice chocolaty taste with a bit of earthiness to it that does not take away from the coffee.

I can only taste the floral notes towards the end of the cup, when the coffee is a bit cooler. This to me, is a good thing because I do not like floral coffees. I feel like I’m drinking tea and I am not a full-blown tea drinker. I prefer coffee when I’m drinking coffee.

Komodo Dragon is a delicious coffee that gives you a thick and creamy mouthfeel and leaves you feeling like you’re ready to start you’re day off right!

What Makes Komodo Dragon Taste So Good?

Grown on the Indonesian island of Flores, this coffee is named after the lizards that live and roam free there, the Komodo Dragon. While all of Volcanicas coffee are grown at elevations higher than 3,000 feet, Komodo Dragon is grown at an elevation of 8,000 feet. The higher the elevation the better because of the humidity and coolness in the air. This helps to keep the ground moist and makes for the perfect growing environment.

Komodo Dragon Coffee uses a “wet-hull” processing method. This means that the beans are only semi-washed, then partially dried on beds just off the ground, close enough to where they still get air but also stay cool enough to not dry out completely. They are then hulled and milled and the drying process is continued. This method makes for a very dense coffee bean that is low in acidity.

This low acidity is what makes this coffee so smooth and rich. High acidic coffee tends to be more on the bitter side, and some people like this. I personally like a coffee that isn’t too bitter, but also not so smooth it tastes like water. I do enjoy a little punch with my morning cup, which is why I always choose a medium roast coffee. I feel this has the best of both worlds. Deep flavors notes from the longer roasting time, but not as bitter as a dark roast and not as light as a light roast.

bag of Volcanica Coffee
Photo By: Volcanica Coffee Company

Try Volcanicas Komodo Dragon Coffee For Yourself!

As previously stated, the floral flavors of this coffee are very subtle, and you can taste a slight bit of the woodiness and earthiness this coffee holds. I feel this helps add depth to the flavor of the coffee. When taking that first sip, you immediately can taste the chocolate and earthiness, and this sticks with you through the duration of the cup. If you like a deep flavorful coffee with a nice kick in the morning, try Volcanicas Komodo Dragon. It is delicious, sweet, and just encompasses all the best flavors of a great cup of coffee!

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