Secret Javas Premium Nutty Coffee

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premium nutty coffee, secret java

Product: Premium Nutty Coffee

Price: $19.99

Size: 12 oz (single bag)

Coffee Type: Brazilian

Grind Type: Whole Bean

Roast Level: Medium

Flavor Notes: Hazelnut


This review is based off what I have personally bought and tried, and includes affiliate links. Read full disclosure.  Prices may vary by size or sale.

Secret Javas Premium Nutty Coffee

Mystery Nutty Bean Coffee? That’s what it says in the description when you purchase. Well to my surprise, it was my favorite kind of nut, Hazelnut! How I love my hazelnut coffee, creamer, you name it. Hazelnut pairs very well with coffee in my opinion, and this coffee is a delicious addition to my morning routine. I plan on keeping this one stocked up!

What Makes Premium Nutty Coffee Taste So Good?

Premium Nutty Coffee is a good balance between nutty flavor and coffee flavor. I really do love how much coffee flavor there is in Secret Java coffee. It is thick and bold, very well balanced, no notice of bitterness or too much acidity, virtually no after-taste, with a smooth and creamy finish and a very clean cup of coffee. It isn’t too bold or strong of a flavor though that it takes over your cup, yet still gives you that subtle nutty taste.

Roasted to a medium perfection, Premium Nutty Coffee tastes almost like you are drinking a dark roast coffee, with hints of hazelnut. The smoothness really goes a long way with this coffee because of the taste of the roast. For a medium roast, it has a very thick body and strong coffee flavor. The hazelnut is light but there, I wouldn’t want it to overpower the coffee taste anyway, personally.

You could also double the flavor with some hazelnut creamer it you like! I use a small amount of Italian sweet cream creamer, as this flavor, for me, does not cover the flavor of the coffee, but adds a touch of sweet. Either way, you are sure to love it!

Try The Secret Java, Mystery Nutty Bean Coffee For Yourself!

The only way to see if you like something is to try it yourself right? So if you like even the smallest component of what I have stated in this review, go for it! Worst that could happen is you don’t like it and never buy it again, but at least you will know how you feel about it. I for one, was not disappointed with my purchase.

I have tried a lot of coffees and have found a lot that I love, most of them have different flavors, but Secret Java is on the list for being a solid coffee all around in my opinion. Now I am not sure what other “mystery nutty” flavors they have other than hazelnut (or if they even offer different nutty flavors), as this is the first one I have ordered of the Mystery Nutty Bean Coffee. I will order again just to see if I receive a different nutty flavor in the future (and I will write a review on that also).

So there you have it! Secret Java Premium Nutty Coffee (Mystery Nutty Bean Coffee) is a deliciously smooth coffee with hints of hazelnut that will help you start your day of right!

So just do it! Give Secret Java Premium Nutty Coffee a try today! I am sure you will not be disappointed!

Try Secret Java Premium Nutty Coffee Yourself Now!

For the Love of Coffee


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