Secret Javas Premium Sweet Coffee

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Product: Premium Sweet Coffee

Price: $19.99

Size: 12 oz (single bag)

Coffee Type: Brazilian

Grind Type: Whole Bean

Roast Level: Light Roast

Flavor Notes: Cocoa


This review is based off what I have personally bought and tried, and includes affiliate links. Read full disclosure.  Prices may vary by size or sale.


Secret Java Premium Sweet Coffee

For being a new coffee company, Secret Java Coffee Company off to a great start! With three delicious coffees to try out as of now, and more on the way, I am looking forward to what they may offer next.

Full disclosure, I personally am not a fan of light roast coffee. My go to is a nice medium roast. I feel this gives you the best of all roast aspects. That being said, I will be as honest as possible without being negative towards the product. In the end, this is my personal opinion and you are free to take action on it if you so chose.

One thing to remember about a light roast coffee, is that is has more acidity than other roasts. This is because it does not get the adequate amount of time needed to extract the acid from the coffee bean during the roasting process. This may have a negative effect on your stomach if you are not used to it. For myself, after a couple cups, I started getting an acid reflux feeling. This is only because, as stated above, I do not drink light roast coffee so my body is not used to the acidity. If you are used to this and/or like a good light roast than you should be just fine with this coffee and not have this issue.

What Makes Premium Sweet Coffee Taste So Good?

It’s from Brazil! Brazilian coffees are always delicious! They almost always have a cocoa/chocolate or caramel taste within them.

Secret Java Premium Sweet Coffee is a light roast Brazilian coffee that has a subtle cocoa taste with a smooth and light mouthfeel. I cannot taste any other flavors than the cocoa. From start to finish this is a delicious coffee. If you like light roasts, and you like a little sweet, you will love this coffee!

Premium Sweet Coffee is a lot lighter than I prefer, but it is still a great coffee. There is an up side to drinking a light roast coffee also, and that is the caffeine content. There is more caffeine in a light roast than a medium or dark, since they stay in the roaster less time, and therefore the caffeine does not get extracted as much as it would with a longer roasting time. So after my first cup, I was feeling like I had consumed two or more. This really made a difference for me because the more I drank, the more it bothered my stomach. Not having to drink more than one cup of coffee and still getting the effect of having drank two or more was a good middle ground for me.

Try Secret Java Premium Sweet Coffee For Yourself!

There is no better way to see if you like something than to try it out for yourself! Whether you are like me and can’t handle the acidity, or you are a fan and it doesn’t bother you, there is a way for you to enjoy this coffee.

A light roast coffee with a hint of cocoa, and a caffeine kick that will start your morning off on the right foot!

So give Secret Java Premium Sweet Coffee a try now! 


I hope you found this review helpful as my goal is to help you make an informed decision on whether this is the coffee for you. 

For the Love of Coffee


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2 thoughts on “Secret Javas Premium Sweet Coffee”

  1. Hi Angela
    Thank you for this super review. I HONESTLY since I’ve started to be my own boss, I’ve started to drink daily, coffee. More exactly Latte. OHHHHH I so love latte. We take an £78 Beko 3Expresso with frotter. Super.
    I haven’t any ideea about Coffee but as we usually drink Costa coffee or Starbucks wasn’t hard to find in the shops. But as you, We’ve discovered that when you are make it at home is ot the same as in the coffee shop.
    We’ve tried other coffee, but mostly we stick with columbian, light 3 🌟 blonde, medium roast. You completely right when you said that roasted medium coffee its gives a bit acidity in stomach. I feel the same but I am trying to add a bit more milk.


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