Secret Javas Premium Rich Coffee

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Bag of Secret Javas Premium Rich CoffeeProduct: Premium Rich Coffee

Price: $19.99

Size: 12 oz (single bag)

Coffee Type: Brazilian

Grind Type: Whole Bean

Roast Level: Dark

Flavor Notes: Chocolate, caramel


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Secret Javas Premium Rich Coffee

Well this was a nice change from my usual morning cup. Secret Javas Premium Rich Coffee is smooth, sweet, and perfectly balanced for a delicious morning wake me up cup of coffee. There are no specific flavor characteristics for this coffee, but I can taste a bit of chocolate, and even a little caramel, during and after drinking.

Roasted to a nice dark perfection, Premium Rich Coffee leaves nothing to be undesired. Unlike most dark roast coffees, the bitterness of the roast does not shine through when drinking. This makes for a smoother and thicker, yet stronger tasting coffee.

Harvested in Brazil, this Premium Rich Coffee is well worth the price tag. You are not actually paying just for the coffee. You are paying for the care taken when harvesting, processing, and roasting your coffee. This in turn gives YOU the best cup, so you can enjoy your mornings knowing you’re drinking the very best quality coffee.

Try Secret Java Premium Rich Coffee For Yourself!

For being a first timer buyer myself, I am not disappointed at all, and will definitely be buying again. Secret Java offers three types of premium coffee to try right now, but being that they are a new coffee company just starting out, more is to come in the future.

Secret Java Premium Rich Coffee is a perfect coffee to start your day with. It has all we look for in a good cup of joe. It is sweet, smooth, balanced, thick, yet not bitter and no bad aftertaste. It tastes delicious with hints of chocolate and caramel, and just down right good coffee.

So go ahead and give it a try! If you appreciate coffee like I do, you will love it!

Try Secret Java Premium Rich Coffee for yourself Now!

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